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Rental Features

Full Management Services

Tenant Full Management is the primary service that we provide under the umbrella of property management. The service itself begins with advertising the rental property, showings, full screening including credit checks, arranging the lease execution, handling deposits and ongoing management of the property. Our agents are experienced and very familiar with the Residential Tenancy Act and are ready and able to assist you with all your rental property needs.

The services listed below give a more detailed look at what is provided with tenant full management services.

  • Rental rate evaluation to the owner/landlord
  • Maximization of rental income
  • Marketing the property for lease
  • Scheduling & showings
  • Application management & screening
  • Tenant selection and approval
  • Collection of security and pet deposits
  • Arranging the signing of lease documentation and addendum
  • Deposit the monthly rent cheques, provide a monthly statement and Owner’s payment
  • Inspect the suite once annually to ensure the suite is being kept up by the tenant. We will do additional inspections as requested by the Ownership at an additional cost
  • Provide any notice to the tenant about any relevant Strata Information changes or breaches
  • Handle all repairs and tenant issues 24/7
  • Provide an annual rent increase as discussed with the Ownership
  • End tenancy with a tenant if required as per the RTO guidelines
  • Attend Arbitration if required


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